Spicy Oriental Style Vegan Yumminess


As a health challenge, a friend and I did a vegan challenge which consisted of being vegan for 2 weeks. I beat her, yessssssss. I’m not usually competitive. I don’t know what got into me! 


One day I was absolutely craving some Chinese food, before I picked up the phone, I remembered that I want to look good and feel good, so I rummaged my fridge and cupboards for ingredients I had which if cooked together would give me an asian feel. I found the ingredients I would use for my stir fry and they were:


– 1 pack of Slim Noodles. (I will do a follow up review of these miracle noodles)


– 1/2 a yellow pepper


– A hand full of spinach 


– A hand full of kale


– A hand full of mushrooms 


– 1 scotch bonnet (optional)


-1 clove of garlic


– 1/2 a white onion 


– A drizzle of soy sause 


– A drizzle of sesame seed oil  

– Some soy mince (optional)

– Chinese 5 Spice 

The Method

1) Start chopping up your vegetables and preparing them. Do not add them to the pan yet.

2) Remove the slim noodles from their packet, get a sieve and rinse them under warm water until their fish odour finds it way out of them leave until I say! 

3) If you are using a scotch bonnet, chop that up separately with the onion and garlic and add them to the pan with a drizzle of sesame seed oil and turn the heat on until the onions start sizzling then turn the heat down, but not off.

4) Add the slim noodles to the mix and add a little water so the slim noodles can cook and you get rid of that kinda elastic band texture to them.

5) When you taste a piece of the slim noodles and they are soft enough for you, add the vegetables and turn the heat back up!

6) Keep stirring the stir fry so it does not burn. Add your soy sauce to the mix and chinese 5 spice to the mix for extra flavour. It will taste better than your usual Chinese take out and it actually benefits your health and aids weight loss too, so thats a bargain!!

7) When the stir fry is cooked to your perfection, dish up and love it.



The health characteristics can be found in other recipes which I have created!

This is a delicious, quick and colourful recipe, thinking about it now, I cannot imagine any drawbacks of the meal.

If you decide to make this meal, I can definitely guarantee that you would love it! 

If anyone has any comments, feel free to comment.

Or else, ENJOY!



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