Slim Noodles review

So my friend and I were day dreaming about noodles and how much we missed Chinese food for a while until one day she remembered that her boyfriend’s mum got her no fat, no carbs noodles. I remember the day so clearly, we were on our way to the gym and when she told me, I looked like The Scream. I had to try these things! In the weekend, I had take a trip to my nearest Holland & Barrett’s. For my American readers, its a health food store, they sell natural products, I go there to get my peanut butter, pulses and super foods. Its like a cheaper version of Wholefoods!

This is what it looks like


Anywaaaays, back to the noodles. I bought two packs, incase I liked them, I would save the other packet for another day. 

when I removed it from the packaging, it was white and it had this weird fishy smell to it but when I rinsed it under the warm tap it kinda went away. 


The noodles come with no packaged seasoning so you have to do all that hard work yourself, but I guess that is the beauty of it because you can snazz it up however you want. 

I really enjoyed the noodles once I had cooked, seasoned them and added what I wanted to add to them. If you are ever craving some comfort food but do not want to ruin your clean eating streak, I would definitely recommend you to try these noodles out. They are so filling also!

The nutritional content of this pack of noodles per 100g are: 21 kCal, 0g fat, 0g carbohydrate or sugar, 0g protein and 1g of fibre I think. 

You are probably going to start being sceptical about this product. Thinking about how many chemicals are in it etc, but it is made from a plant called Konjac, you are basically eating water. Research it if you don’t believe me, but why would I lie to you guys?!

If you do not have a Holland and Barretts near you, you could buy the product from amazon, the company also does Slim Rice, Slim Spaghetti and Slim Penne. Those are the only ones which I am aware of. 

I hope this review has been helpful to you!


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