Smoked Mediterranean Salad

So, recently I made one of the nicest salads I think I have ever tasted. I know the chef is not meant to blow her own horn, HOWEVER, I think I’m allowed to do that because no one else tastes my food. Anywayssss.

The saltiness from the smoked salmon, feta cheese and the olives were complimented by the subtleness of the cucumber and, roasted red pepper and homegrown salad leaves.

Here is a photo of it. Not the greatest, but I think I like it.


The Ingredients are:

  • Cucumber, with the insides scooped out with a spoon
  • Roasted red pepper (out of the jar and in brine)
  • Feta Cheese
  • Sundried tomato
  • Lettuce or whatever salad leaves you have laying around
  • Black olives
  • Smoked Salmon

The method is really easy. All you really need to do is chop up and mix together, or arrange and take pictures lol.

The health benefits 

  • Cucumber- It is high in water, so it helps hydration. A tip to try out is cucumber water. I keep hearing people say that they do not like the taste of water, so just add some cucumbers to a bottle of water, and Bob’s your uncle 🙂
  • Smoked Salmon- Even though this is high in salt, salmon is a great fish as it is very high in Omega 3, which aids the brain and makes it function better.
  • Olives- black olives are amazingly high in antioxidants, thus, they are great for the skin and hair. No wonder those Mediterranean women are so gorgeous!!
  • Feta cheese- it is very high in calcium, thus it gives us stronger bones.
  • Sundried tomatoes- These are very high in potassium, thus, they lower blood pressure.


I really hope you guys try this, and

Enjoy xx


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